3 Important Things About Centre of Mass In Weightlifting.

Just finished teaching on 2 coaching courses over consecutive weekends, and this exact topic more than anything else, really brought home how the lifter mechanics and the combined centre of gravities interact
Excellent piece, keep up the great insight

The Training Geek.

As more people crave the need to learn and many others begin to use biomechanics terminology, concepts such as centre of mass and base of support begin to be discussed and thrown around when technique is mentioned. In any system, due to gravity, if the centre of mass falls out of the base of support, it disturbs the physical balance of the system. But in weightlifting, there are a few important points to be established when talking about the centre of mass.

1. There is more than just the weightlifter’s centre of mass that needs to be observed.

The common observation if centre of mass becomes the topic of discussion in weightlifting technique is looking out for the centre of mass of the lifter being over the feet at all times. This gives us the weight distribution profile (i.e. front of the heel -> heel -> ball of the foot etc)…

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